New ISOC Committee

Alhamdulillah, ISOC has done the AGM today at 5:45pm. It started with voting for the updated version of the constitution by the ISOC members. All of the attendees have agreed about the updated version and approved it. After that, we run the AGM for the new committee of ISOC for the academic year 2015-2016.

The new members are:

President of ISOC

(Reema Begum)


Vice-President for male

(Darbaz Mustafa)


Vice-President for female

(Nada Albunni)


General Secretary

(Junaid Mahomed)



(Abdullah Alhumaid)


Prayer room officer for male

(Ali Laham)


Dawah and Education officer for male

(Bashdar Ayub Kareem) and (Amro Amer)


Dawah and Education officer for female

(Ayse Saliha Sunar)


Publicity Officer

(Susan Nazirizadeh)


Social officer for male

(Maymun Hashim-Subhan)


Social officer for female

(Duygu Cihan)

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